Q: What is a union?

A: A union is a group of people that comes together to improve their workplace/industry standards in a way that has legal power and amplifies their voices.

Q: What does the union do / What are the benefits of joining a union?

A: It gives workers bargaining power and a unified voice for fair working conditions and transparency of company operations. If you want to know more, check the “What changes at the workplace after establishing a labor organization” brochure or ask us directly.

Q: What are the fees?

A: There is a minimal membership fee of 15 PLN / month. Every member can decide to pay more, depending on their situation. Here you can learn how to pay the dues.

Q: What is this money for?

A: A small part of it (7 PLN) supports the OZZ IP as a whole and the rest stays with our gamedev-focused commission. We will use this money to create promotional materials, collaborate on long-term union policy, and fund training for Union members.

Q: Are there any risks?

A: There are no legal risks related to joining the Union. Your membership will be anonymous—not to mention that dismissing someone because of unionizing is illegal. You decide if, and to whom to reveal your affiliation, on your own terms.

Q: Aren’t unions for factory workers and miners? Why do we need a game dev union?

A: Modern trade unions cover many different industries, including IT and gamedev. You can see some examples on Game Workers Solidarity and gameworkersunite.org.
Trade unions are especially important for gamedev, as most people come here out of passion, and passion can be easily exploited, leading to long working hours, lower pay, and eventually, burning out. A union is meant to minimize all of the above, letting your passion grow and thrive, instead of using it as fuel.

Gamedev working conditions also tend to burn creatives early and make them switch industries—which systematically reduces the number of people able to make a difference.

Q: Why did you organize a union?

A: We started talking about unionizing after the 2023 wave of layoffs when 9% of Reds (that is roughly 100 people) were let go. This event created a tremendous amount of stress and insecurity, affecting our mental health and leading to the creation of this union in response. Having a union means having more security, transparency, better protection, and a stronger voice in times of crisis.

The above shows how employers tend to view their interests to be in conflict with those of their employees. While employees are the ones creating value in this arrangement, they lack any decision power in company-structure-related matters. That is why we need to organize to enter those situations on equal footing.

We believe that the mass lay-offs are a danger to the gamedev industry and we believe that unionizing is a way for us to preserve the industry’s potential. 

Q: Are you an independent union or a part of a larger organization?

A: We are a section of OZZ IP, a large, nationwide Union covering many different sectors and companies. It means that we have access to the legal support, experience, and network of a larger union while being able to independently operate within our section. We have full control over what we do and how we do it.

Q: Are there any obligations/responsibilities for union members?

A: There are no enforced responsibilities for union members, although we ask you to join our internal communication channels and keep an eye on the announcements. We will also meet together, but while participation is not required – we do encourage it. All forms of participation are voluntary and very welcome.
You will also be able to vote on important decisions and take part in discussions about union policies.

Q: Will the company / other workers know if I join?

A: Union membership is anonymous. Union members know each other (you will be visible on our discord server), but people outside the union have no means of learning that you joined. Instead, you yourself can choose to reveal your membership to anyone you want.

Q: What are your goals?

A: We want to build a collective. We want to operate as a support system that actively works to protect employees and holds a strong negotiating position.

Right now, we are focusing on grouping Reds and people in 11 bits to give us a unique, common voice. 

Given the significant changes that CD Projekt is undergoing, we want the employees’ voices to be directly heard when making decisions that affect all of us.

We also want to increase employment stability. Unionization guarantees us the ability to negotiate the terms of mass layoffs as well as in individual cases.

In the long run, we also want our voice as employees to be heard more often and more clearly in matters of working conditions.

Q: What are your plans for the near future?

A: First and foremost, gather more people. A union is as strong as the sum of its members. More people means more input into our processes, more legitimacy, and more democracy. 

We’ve also already reached out to the board and want to establish a dialogue between us and them that is stable and reliable.

We are also currently in what is effectively a trial period, a period in which a Union is being legally established but doesn’t yet have all of its governing bodies in place. This period will end for us in mid-December when we’ll have a large statutory meeting, during which we’ll ultimately root ourselves in our proper position.

We’ve also established contact with a group of union activists in other game dev companies and we joined forces to cooperate and establish a better industry and job market for all of us.

You’re asking if people working in QA can join the union.

Absolutely! QA is a key gamedev profession, and all QA workers are welcome in our trade union—both those employed by game development studios and those working as QA contractors.

Q: I work in QA, can join the union?

A: Absolutely! QA is a key gamedev profession, and all QA workers are welcome in our trade union—both those employed by game development studios and those working as QA contractors.

Q: Can I join if I represent the employer?

A: We strive for diversity but the thing that is crucial for us is to represent the employees’ interests. That’s why we have restrictions on HR, PR, legal, and other positions, where joining a trade union can cause a conflict of interest. However, if you see that you can contribute to our case, contact us at kontakt@gamedevunion.pl

Q: How do I join?

A: Fill out a membership declaration and bring it to us—either personally in the CDP Warsaw office, 11 bit office, or send a physical copy to us any way you can.

Q: What do union representatives do?

A: Representatives are union members whose focus is on (as the title suggests) representation. They are the union’s main negotiators and contact with the company. They also function as points of contact for employees willing to join the Union.

Q: Can I join if I don’t work at CDP/11 bit studios / will not be working in X amount of time?

A: Yes! You can. However, workplace-specific benefits will not apply to you until you gather a large enough group for us to establish our commission in your workplace as well.

Q: Why would I want to join as a non-CDP to non-11 bit worker?

A: You will become a part of an industry-wide support network, get a platform to exchange experiences and know-how with your peers, get the support of the organization if the need arises, and if you gather a group willing to work within your employer, you can establish a formal representation within your company.

Q: What do I need to get workplace-specific benefits of joining the union as a CD Projekt/11 bit studios worker?

A: You need to be employed by the company on a Polish contract.

Q: Can I join on a b2b contract / specific task contract (umowa o dzieło) / mandate contract (umowa zlecenie)?

A: Yes, but you need to be working for at least 6 months at CDP/11 bit studios at the moment of joining to be fully represented by the union.

Q: I am employed with a Polish contract but live somewhere else, can I join?

A: Yes, you can

Q: I’m working from the Krakow / Wroclaw CDP office, can I join?

A: Yes

Q: Can people from other CDP branches like Vancouver / not employed with a Polish contract join?

A: Unfortunately, no

Q: How can I help?

A: First of all, you can help by joining. The union’s strength comes from its members.
Once you join, you will be added to our internal communication channels through which you will be able to discuss union activity and policy, as well as employment in game dev in general. 

Once a member, you can also help with setting up communication, creating promotional materials, sharing know-how, etc. There is a lot to be done in this regard.

Q: Where can I see what you’re up to? I’d like to see some outcomes of your work

A: We are currently working on setting up our communication channels, internal ones (within the union, for union members) and external ones (within the company and, eventually, public ones), we will keep you updated on that.

Q: I have other questions, where can I ask them?

A: Reach out directly to our CDP representatives—Pawel, Tolly and Paula, our 11 bit representative—Hubert, or contact us through email: ozzip.rebelsunited@gmail.com