Polish Gamedev Workers Union

We are a trade union connecting all professions and people working in the game development sector in Poland. We are a part of OZZ Inicjatywa Pracownicza.


  1. We are workers of all professions in Polish gamedev with a common goal of creating games in a stable, fair, diverse, and healthy environment.
  2. Our mission as a union is to ensure job security, fair treatment, and transparency within our employer organizations.
  3. We intend to achieve that by mutual support, education, and establishing equal communication with the employers as a strong voice for the workers’ interests. Our goal is not to start a fight but to have a dialogue.
  4. We intend to organize and represent a wide range of workers from all gamedev professions, be it development, marketing, publishing, or back-office. If you work for a gamedev company, we welcome you, whatever your title is!
  5. We are a democratic structure, and we want our members to take an active part in forming the union’s policy by engaging in conversations and voting for decisions.
  6. Our approach is adaptive in the sense that we intend to improve based on data and feedback. It is especially important for us at the beginning since we’re still finding our way. What will never change is our dedication to representing workers’ interests.
  7. We are an independent section within OZZ Inicjatywa Pracownicza. Being part of a larger structure allows us to get their experience and support while staying independent with our goals and policies.

About Us

Our formal base is an Inter-workplace Commission at: CD Projekt, 11 bit studios, Flying Wild Hog, and Product Madness Poland.

We joined forces with people from other companies to represent all Polish gamedev workers, to voice concerns about the safety and terms of employment, and to improve the working conditions in the whole industry.

If you want to join or know more, contact us at kontakt@gamedevunion.pl


Fairness – we believe that job security and fair treatment for everyone are necessary to focus on creating the best games possible.

Transparency – we communicate openly and clearly.

Democracy – we represent workers’ interests by engaging our members in conversations and shaping our policy together.

Adaptability – we improve and adapt our processes, policies, and communication based on data and feedback. Let us know what you think!

Join Us!

Polish Gamedev Workers Union welcomes everyone working in the Polish video game development industry, including those currently unemployed / searching for work.

You can join the union regardless of your employment type (contract of employment, contract for specific work, contract of mandate, B2B) as long as it is a Polish contract.

To join the union, fill in the form, and send us, from your private e-mail, a signed declaration of membership to our address kontakt@gamedevunion.pl (download the file to edit its content).

OZZ Inicjatywa Pracownicza (Polish Trade Union Workers Initiative) is a grassroots, self-governing trade union, established by the workers of Cegielski in Poznan and local tenant movements. Over the last 10 years, OZZ IP established new commissions in many industries (healthcare, commerce, theatres, care, education, and now also game development) in many regions of Poland.

OZZ IP’s experience in representing yet unrepresented workers (ex. artists, or people working without contracts of employment) is widely used in unionizing the Polish game development industry.

Dues and Donations

Membership dues are 15 zł per month. To pay them, send a bank transfer with the following information:

Recipient account: 14 2130 0004 2001 0577 6570 0072
Recipient name: OZZ Inicjatywa Pracownicza
Recipient address: ul. Kościelna 4/1a, 60-538 Poznań
Title: Składka – Name Surname

If you are not a member of the Union, you can still support us by sending donations via a bank transfer to the above information, with one exception. The title must include the word darowizna.